If you managed to choose your packages with us, we have these dirt bikes available for your dirt bike Bali tour. Our collections are annually maintained to minimize any unexpected mishaps once you are on the track. Every single of our tour guide will be equipped with first aid bike kit for uncertain future condition on the tracks.

Remember dirt bike Bali, then we are your best Bali dirt bike all-round vendor.

Kawasaki KLX 150CC

Undeniable comfort and strong muscle power within the Kawasaki KLX 150. This unquestionable high-performing bike is suitable for most of riders.

KTM / Husqvarna

The most pretentious brands over dirt bike world. The quality and the endurance is unquestioned. A perfect selection for your Bali dirt bike tour experience.

Yamaha YZ 250

The fast 250 two-strokes devil from Yamaha. Explore the greater limit of Bali Enduro adventures!

KLX 230R

The brand-new storm from Kawasaki. Built for well maneuver for all types of tracks. This vehicle is suited for all-range of riders!